BRT Technology

sbX bussbX BRT service will incorporate various technology elements that will make for a smoother, more time-efficient commute while adding new features not currently available. Following are some of the highlights:

  • First five-door BRT Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) bus to operate in United States. Unlike diesel, CNG is a clean form of fuel that is environmentally friendly. This allows Omnitrans to continue to operate a 100 percent CNG bus fleet.
  • Traffic Signal Prioritization (TSP) — Technology
    on the specialized sbX buses that allows it to
    communicate with traffic management systems
    so that as buses approach intersections, lights
    turn green and it does not have to stop.
  • GPS Tracking — Communication between the sbX bus
    and stations that informs riders that the next bus is approaching.
  • Security cameras
  • Emergency telephones with live operators during business hours
  • Solar lighting at park-and-ride facilities
  • Electronic message boards