Providing access and project information to businesses during construction is a high priority for the construction management team.

There are key criteria in the contract that will ensure that access is maintained to all businesses and there is a constant flow of communication about construction activities. Some of these items include the following:

  • Businesses with two access points will have at least one entry point open at all times.
  • Businesses with one access point will have at least half of it accessible at all times.
  • Night work will be performed to minimize impacts during normal business hours. For businesses that operate at night or 24-hours a day, there will be thorough communication well in advance of activities. Construction management will be available at any time to meet with businesses to address questions and identify solutions to minimize impacts.
  • Proper signage to inform the public that businesses are open during construction and directional signage as needed to show motorists how to access businesses.
  • Monthly business stakeholder meetings will provide a forum for businesses to meet on a regular basis with project management. Attendees will receive project updates, learn about construction activities and will have an opportunity to provide input.
  • Weekly construction alerts/notices.
  • One-on-One Meetings with construction management.

The construction management team is committed to working with businesses to minimize construction impacts. We encourage the public to attend the monthly business meetings and contact the toll free project helpline at any time. That number is (855) sbX-NEWS / 729-6397. A schedule for the monthly business meetings will be posted as the construction schedule becomes available in mid to late November 2011.